City Council President and dignitaries honor business pioneer, Mary Parker, for giving thousands in scholarships

ATLANTA – Mary Parker, the award-winning entrepreneur and founder of the nationally-renowned ALL N ONE Security Services, awarded more than $25,000.00 in scholarships to ten students Saturday evening during the 3rd annual Raising Other Generations gala. 
Scores of dignitaries, celebrities and guests filled the Atlanta Hyatt Regency Hotel, including legendary daytime soap opera actress Victoria Rowell, City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, House of Hope Senior Pastor Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Civil Rights Icon Xernona Clayton and International Environmental Advocate Laura Turner-Seydel were just a few notable guests on hand to support the Mary Parker Foundation.
“When you think about our city, we are a city of dreams. It’s about going to college and starting businesses” says Atlanta City Council President Caesar Mitchell. “Mary Parker has a lot of love for this city.  She is a mother of the people.”
Tonight’s scholarship winners include Nyeta Thomas, Shantrice Appleby, Cheryl Dixon, Christian Beasley, Elizabeth Sweeney, Keenan Mar, Angel Velasco, Ron Sanders, Shalliejah Evans and Tayla Bibb.
“We want these students to continue the legacy of raising another generation. If they get it, they will look back and bring others up,” Parker said.
The gala also honored Gospel Singer Dr. Bobby Jones with the Legendary Generation Award. “I am fortunate to be honored tonight for my television show and gospel music. I am delighted to be recognized for my work,” says Dr. Jones. Ted Turner’s grandson John Rutherford Seydel, III was one of the Keep It Moving awardees.
The Mary Lou and Arthur F. Mahone Fund took home the Organizational Partner Award.  “This is a very proud moment and helps validate all the effort and the importance of the work we do,” says Chairman Tim Mahone of the Mahone Fund. “It is my hope that we use this opportunity to create educational pathways for our youth and improve the health and wellness of our community.”
Parker started the scholarship program in 2011 awarding two students $2,500 each. In five years, the scholarship program has grown tremendously. To date, more than $100,000 has been awarded to more than 24 students, representing 17 colleges and universities throughout the U.S.
Parker, also author of The Chick in Charge, owns a multi-million-dollar security firm with multiple offices in the United States and Africa.  Parker, and her team of nearly 300 employees, have secured major events such as the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, PGA Tours, Trumpet Awards and the commencement speech given by President Barack Obama at Morehouse College.
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