Black pastors blast President Obama's transgender bill as 'insult' to black civil rights

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A coalition of black pastors are incensed that President Obama would dare to mandate all public schools to make girls restrooms and locker rooms accessible to sexually confused boys.
Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP), said Obama’s comparison of sexually confused individuals with black civil rights was a “gross insult” to all who fought for equality for African-Americans.
On Thursday Attorney General Loretta Lynch argued that a sexually confused individual’s choice of “gender identity” superseded women’s rights to privacy, including the privacy of female victims who would be uncomfortable sharing locker rooms or dressing rooms with men.
But Rev. Owens disagreed.
“There is simply no relation between the struggles that Black Americans have faced and the desire of a tiny minority group to violate the dignity and privacy of women and girls,” Owens said in a statement sent to Breitbart News on Friday.
Owens described Obama’s legislation that would amend the Civil Rights Act to include protection for trannies and cross-dressers as “an affront to the Black community and a theft of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.”
Rev. Owens called on all black Americans to “stand up and fight for the sanctity of Martin Luther King’s accomplishments for our race.”
“Transgendered persons are not asking for equal rights—they are asking for special rights that violate the privacy of women and simple common sense,” Owens added. “CAAP calls on all those who oppose this unwarranted expansion of the Civil Rights Act to contact their representatives in Congress today and let them know how you feel about this bill.”


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