President Obama sics Justice Department on North Carolina's 'bathroom law'

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, head of the Justice Department.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch, head of the Justice Department.

President Barack Obama has unleashed the legal hounds at the U.S. Department of Justice at the North Carolina’s bathroom law, and now claims the rule to keep men out of the women’s bathroom violates Federal civil rights laws.
Now, the Justice Department, behind the leadership of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, has announced their plan to withdraw “hundreds of millions of dollars” in school funding if North Carolina implements their bathroom law
A North Carolina law limiting protections to LGBT people violates federal civil rights protections and can’t be enforced, The U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday.
In a letter to Gov. Pat McCrory, the Justice Department put the state on notice that federal officials view the state law as violating federal Civil Rights Act protections barring workplace discrimination based on sex. Provisions of the state law directed at transgender state employees violate their anti-discrimination protections, the letter said.
During a press conference in London, the president came out forcefully against the state’s transgender bathroom law, saying the legislation was “wrong” and should be “overturned,” reports CBS.
“The people of North Carolina and Mississippi are wonderful people. They are hospitable people. They are beautiful states,” Mr. Obama told reporters. “I also think that the laws that have been passed there are wrong. And should be overturned.”
“Some of whom are good people,” he qualified. “But I just disagree with them.”
“When it comes to respecting the equal rights of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, whether they’re transgender or gay or lesbian — although I respect their different viewpoints — I think it’s very important for us not to send signals that anybody is treated differently,” the president said.

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