Councilman Kwanza Hall's star-studded birthday party

Photos by Terry Shropshire for Atlanta Daily World and Real Times Media.
Councilman Kwanza Hall, in suit, sandwhiched by Cee-lo Green and Bonecrusher at his birthday party. (Photos by Terry Shropshire for Atlanta Daily World and Real Times Media).

ATLANTA – Councilman Kwanza Hall already possesses the mayoral-like demeanor and disposition of a national statesmen, evidenced by the ease by which he interwove his way through his throng of supporters at his spectacular birthday party in Midtown Atlanta on Saturday, April 30.
Organized by Saptosa Foster of 135th Street PR and 10 Square and others in less than seven days, the event included delectable, five-star cuisine that was mouth-watering delicious as well as traditional soul food, great music and the attendance of his celebrity friends, including prolific hitmaker Cee-loo Green, former NBA star Theo Radcliffe, Bonecrusher, Goche Hawkins of “L.A. Hair,” DJ Mike Jackson and many more.
Hall was presented to  the crowd by the esteemed Reggie Rouse, the VP of Urban programming at CBS Radio and program director at v-103 who regaled the crowd with the story of his friendship with the beloved public servant.
“As many people know, I was in Canada and I was in South Africa and we decided to pull off a birthday party about seven days ago,” Hall admitted to the crowd of urban sophisticates. “And for us to not have a venue and to pull this off, it really means a lot to me because you showed up and you showed out and I want to say ‘thank you.’ Because when I touch you, you touch me back. And I live off that energy of connecting with you all.”
Hall is particularly beloved because of his support of the entertainment industry, particularly music and he receives daily inspiration from their tireless dedication in perfecting their craft.
“I probably don’t grind as hard as some of you do, but I get motivated by that,” Hall said. “When you achieve your success, it just makes me want to do more. I really feel like that public service that I do can manifest into business and turn into something that you really believe in, because it’s so easy no to believe in our political elected officials.”
People find it easy to connect with the Benjamin Mays High School grad who went on to attend one of America’s elite institutions of higher learning, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), yet chose to bring those skills sets and experience back to his Atlanta hometown, much to the native’s benefit.
Dina Marto, owner of Twelve Music Group, was ecstatic to be a part of the festivities. “ I just want to say that whenever you need me, I’m there. You have been such a supporter of my business, and entertainment, charity, small businesses and children, women. Kwanze is everywhere at all times. You are an amazing person. I’m so glad that I can call you a friend. I’ve never had a friend in politics and Kwanze is my first friend in politics. You are so genuine, particularly with the entertainment business. You are going to be an amazing mayor. We have to support those who support us.”
Take a look at some of the photos from Saturday evenings festivities:

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