Caitlyn Jenner blasts Ted Cruz on transgender bathroom policies

Olympic gold medalist-turned-transsexual  reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner mocked Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz over his stance regarding transgenders using the women’s restrooms.
Jenner, the former husband of Kris Kardashian-Jenner who underwent sexual reassignment last year, posted his sentiments on his Facebook page, where he compares the stances on transgenders using the ladies room by both Cruz and presidential front-runner Donald Trump.
Trump mentioned Jenner in saying she and other trans people can use any bathroom they want at his famous hotels.
“There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. There has been so little trouble,” Trump said.
Cruz, on the other hand, was resolute in his stance that trans people banned from using certain bathrooms out fear of putting children at risk.
“Grown adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls,” Cruz said. “It’s just common sense.”
Out of defiance to Cruz, Jenner posts a video showing herself walking up to one of Trump’s hotels and telling the camera that she needs to use the bathroom.
“Oh my God, a trans woman in New York! I gotta take a pee,” Jenner says as she approaches the hotel. “Oh my God, a Trump International hotel! I love this! OK, last week Donald Trump said I can take a pee anywhere in a Trump facility, so I’m gonna go take a pee in the ladies’ room.”
The video shows Jenner entering the women’s bathroom inside the Trump hotel. A few minutes later, Jenner exits the bathroom and proceeds to thank Trump and blast Cruz.
“Thank you, Donald, really appreciate it,” Jenner says. “By the way, Ted, nobody got molested.”
Photos: Instagram


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