‘HTGAWM’ star Matt McGorry blasts Iggy Azalea over ‘Becky’ comments

Another week, another Iggy Azalea controversy.
The Aussie rapper and girlfriend of Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick “Swaggy P” Young, took umbrage at Beyonce’s use of the word “Becky” in Queen Bey’s highly-acclaimed “Lemonade” song that has sparked national discussion of infidelity as well as a “who-done-it”-style search over the woman who was allegedly involved with Jay Z.
Fans of Beyonce and detractors of Azalea quickly peeled her wig back over her stated offense to the word “Becky” as a reference to all white women. Even “How To Get Away With Murder” star Matt McGorry slammed Azalea over her comments.
Most folks find it completely ridiculous and laughable that Azalea believes “Becky” is a form of reverse racism and sliced her scalp over it.
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McGorry, who has been a vocal civil rights advocate and feminist, spoke about Iggy’s comments in a recent interview saying that reverse racism doesn’t exist and that the stereotypical names and racist treatment of Black women far outweigh the impact of a so-called stereotypical term like “Becky.”
“I think there’ no reverse racism. I think it’s not a real thing,” McGorry said. “I think that what seems like a lighthearted joke goes one way and is not necessarily lighthearted the other way.”
He continued, “I think Black women are stereotyped in such broad, sweeping strokes to begin with and that affects their lives on a daily basis. White people, white women aren’t as subjected to that when it comes to the race issues. Women in general? Sure. But just as there’s no such thing as reverse sexism, white people’s lives are not, ultimately, terribly affected

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