Funniest North Carolina-Michael Jordan memes after losing National Championship to Villanova

One of the most incredibly thrilling finishes in NCAA basketball National Championship game history has produced the absolute funniest memes of Michael Jordan and North Carolina — but mainly MJ — that I have ever seen since his Tar Heels were on the wrong end of the miracle shot.
Shortly after Villanova nailed the buzzer-beating shot to capture the heart-stopper of a titl game, 77-74, a stempede of social media users began clowning Jordan without mercy. Memes ignited on Instagram and Twitter that mocked mainly Michael Jordan, the most famous Tar Heel alumnus, even though there was a Who’s Who of former UNC-Chapel Hill players, including Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Vince “Vincanity” Carter, Phil Ford, Antawn Jamison and many others.
Take a look at the funniest Michael Jordan memes taken to another level.




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