Detroit woman uses panties as gun holster and opens fire at gas station

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DETROIT — Police in the Motor City were able to use high-tech surveillance cameras to track down and arrest a woman who pulled a gun out of her panties and opened fire into a car at a gas station parking lot on Sunday morning, hitting her target several times.
The woman, whose name has not been released, was wearing a miniskirt and red boots. She used her underwear as a “holster” to carry the gun incognito and camouflaged from the victims. During the argument, the female suddenly pulls out a handgun that she fires wildly into another vehicle, striking the driver multiple times.
The male driver survives the gunshot wounds, according to ABC 7 Detroit.
Detroit Police Officer Nicole Kirkwood said the woman was arrested about 10:30 p.m. Sunday.
Police described the violent melee as originating from a  “heated argument” between the occupants of a blue Dodge Charger and two men in a green Pontiac Grand Prix, which could be seen pulling into Mobil gas station on Fenkell Ave.
The female shooting suspect sees the men, and can be seen bending over to reach for something in her Dodge Charger, which we now know was a gun. She slips the firearm up under her miniskirt, and she and a man man approach the Grand Prix’s open window.
The man accompanying the armed female leans over over and begins talking to the occupants. Another man dashes into the video frame and shoves him to the ground as the woman hikes up her skirt and pulls out the handgun.
“The driver, stunned by the shots, lunges the vehicle forward, knocking down one of the males from the blue Charger,” Detroit police said in a statement. “Subsequent to a brief struggle, one of the males from the Grand Prix was able to wrestle the gun away from the female, at which point both vehicles fled from the area.
“The victim was privately conveyed to a local area hospital.”
In the fracas of the shooting, the driver of the Grand Prix partially runs over the man who accompanied the female shooter to the car. He does not appear to sustain any major injuries.
The police were able to use the high-resolution images from the cameras to blast the female shooter’s image all over the news. A caller identified her and she was captured about a mile away from her home, according to the news report. The female suspect was en route of out of town because the news constantly flashing her image put too much heat on her. But she was unable to escape.
Police told the press that the gas station is part of “Project Green Light,” which is part of a joint effort between gas stations and the police to improve safety throughout the city.
Photos: Detroit Police Department surveillance cameras
Video: ABC 7 Detroit


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