NEWS ALERT: FED UP! Chicago Students Rally TODAY Against Budget Cuts

chicagopublicshoolsign#FedUpFriday: CPS Students Rally Against Budget Cuts Today at Thompson Center

It’s a wrap! Chicago Public Students are FED UP and there’s no turning back. They will take the streets and descend on downtown Chicago as they protest against upcoming cuts that will ultimately impact programs, stretch classroom sizes and put added stress on the an already imploded system.

Students from CPS schools all over the city will rally today, Friday, February 26th, at the Thompson Center, 100 W Randolph St, at 4:30 PM. Students are gathering together in solidarity with those at schools most harshly affected by the announced cuts to school funding and plan to speak out against these drastic cuts.

February 9th, 2016, CPS schools received information on cuts they are required to make to their individual budgets. These budget cuts will inevitably have the greatest impact on the learning environments of students in less affluent communities.

CPS schools are constantly under attack, from school closures to staff layoffs. After the recent announcement that more charter schools may open by 2018, students’ engagement in the fight against CPS budget cuts has greatly increased, with over 350 CPS students actively organizing to save their schools.

CPS is without $500 million in state funding and an agreement in place with CTU to pay pension costs. The continued battle between Governor Rauner, and the House Democrats has brought no short remedy to this solution. emptyclassroompic

Student organizer Charles Kotrba states, “These cuts are unacceptable and unwarranted. The day we, the students, sit idly by and let Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Rauner, and Forrest Claypool fire our teachers and cut our school budgets is the day we lose the fight for a decent education. We aren’t done fighting.”

Student organizer Nidalis Burgos adds, “The elected officials and unelected school board of Chicago get a failing grade from CPS students. With the 2013 school closures, the incessant charter expansion, and now these monstrous budget cuts, students have had enough. We are fed up and demand that public education be the number one priority in Chicago.”

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