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fight radio station

Dwaine Carraway and John Wiley Price get into a very aggressive and heated exchange with foul language at Christian radio studio of KHVN Heaven 97 in Texas.

Price, the Dallas County Commissioner, and Caraway, the former city council member Dwaine Caraway are longtime political rivals, got into an altercation during a radio interview on gospel station KHVN.

The fact that it is election time only heightened the tension and exacerbated the ill feelings between the two. What else made it worse? Caraway is gunning for Price’s seat as Dallas County Commissioner, according to the Dallas Morning News. The primary is scheduled for March 1st.

There is no indication as to what exactly set the men off, but the video shows Caraway being restrained by several people as he yelled out, “F— John! I’m tired of you! You messed up my house! You f—– my wife! My daughter is the one who said it.”

All of this ruckus and vulgarity, we remind you, went down at a Christian radio station.

Finally, authorities were called to station to break up the madness. No word on any arrest. But someone at the station videotaped the situation going down.

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