Chicago’s Top Cop Position Sought Out by…

Michael Wood Jr. – Black Lives Matter Sympathizer Wants Position

By Ken Hare

Chicago Defender Staff Writer


Former Baltimore police officer and US Marine, Michael Wood Jr., has applied for Superintendent of CPD. The outspoken Woods stirred up lots of controversy while a police officer in Baltimore. He often tweeted about the blatant racism he witnessed as a police officer in Baltimore and sought to make changes in a system he said that unfairly targeted blacks in poor communities.

According to the Daily Dot, Wood tweeted “it was every day,” referring to citizens that were “illegally searched.” The former police officer continued, tweeting that it was common for officers to “[urinate and defecate] inside suspects’ homes during raids, on their beds and clothes.” In the interview, Wood said “Of course that happens, did you think the black community was lying for the last 100 years?”

He has screened documentaries by black Lives Matter at community forums in Baltimore. Participated in peaceful protests and networked with Campaign Zero, activist and Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson. Wood’s, idealistically, said he wants the city [Chicago] divided into five districts — three of which will include the neighborhoods with the fewest socioeconomic opportunities — and have representatives from those districts guiding the direction of the police department.


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