Flint water crisis: Plumbers travel to Flint And installed water filters for free

United Association Local 370 in Michigan

FLINT, Mich. — There has been a dramatic response to the water crisis in this beleaguered and impoverished former automotive town north of Detroit. As celebrities make appearances and multiple state and federal investigations pop off over the decision to change Flint’s water source from Lake Huron to a local river that was allegedly known to contain high levels of lead, directly leading to multiple deaths, there are groups who are working to solve the problem, one house at a time.

Members of the United Association Local 370 in Michigan have volunteered to install filters and faucets to get lead out of the local citizens’ tap water.

This past Saturday, an army of more than 300 plumbers from Lansing, Detroit, Saginaw, and poured into Flint to help install filters for free.

Local 370 official Harold Harrington was immensely grateful for the gesture and manpower.

“We did not cause this American tragedy in Flint,” Harrington tells the group, according to Michigan Radio, “but we certainly can help correct the damage that has been done!”

Even the local sheriffs department got involved to ensure all the trucks and vans can get in and out safely.

The faucets were donated by Plumbing Manufacturers, International, which represents major companies like Moen, Brasscraft, Speakman, Delta and American Standard.

The plumbers visit 1,100 homes by the end of the day. Local 370 will keep on volunteering.

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