African American Ministers Endorse Hillary Clinton

African American Ministers Endorse Hillary Clinton

Rev.Dr. Mark Tyler host the
Reverend Dr. Mark Tyler host of the small gathering of African American  clergy

Earlier this week, 28 African American faith leaders from across the country endorsed Hillary Clinton, citing her experience, long commitment to and understanding of the key issues their congregations are facing, and inequalities facing the African American community. On Wednesday, Clinton met with faith leaders and discussed economic disparities, the Flint water crisis and environmental justice, women’s health, equal pay, education, criminal justice, and how they can partner in tackling these issues.

“When I agreed to host the small gathering of African American clergy from around the country, I wasn’t expecting to endorse Hillary Clinton. I left that meeting convinced that she is the best person in this campaign season capable of serving as our next president. I believe that she is ready to lead and has all the requisite abilities,” said Reverend Dr. Mark Tyler. “Hillary discussed her plan to make investments in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and breaking down barriers for women. She also hit the right note on many of the areas that are important to my work in organizing, especially with regard to economic dignity for working people and equity in public education funding.”

“This week, Secretary Hillary Clinton took the time to sit down with a group of African American faith leaders from across the country to share with us her heart and vision for how she intends to move America forward as the next President of the United States,” said Reverend Zina Pierre. “We likewise shared with her many questions and concerns involving the many systemic socio-economic challenges at the forefront of the African American community including: eradicating the prison pipeline, early childhood education, police and community civility, unemployment and underemployment, equal pay for women, the foreclosure crisis, workforce housing, homelessness, healthcare, and at the top of the agenda was environmental disasters that plague majority African American populated cities. She brought attention to the crisis in Flint, demanded action, and expressed her intent to bring to light the other Flints that occur in our country all too often. I’m supporting Hillary Clinton not because of the symbolism of her potentially being the first female President, but because she is qualified and equipped to do the job and represent ALL Americans regardless of religion or color.”

The following ministers endorsed Hillary Clinton:

· Rev. Dr. James C. Perkins, Michigan

· Rev. Dr. Timothy Boddie, Washington, D.C.

· Rev. Dr. Calvin McKinney, New Jersey

· Bishop Gregory Ingram, Pennsylvania

· Rev. Dr. Jessica Ingram, Pennsylvania

· Bishop George Battle, Jr., North Carolina

· Rev. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., Louisiana

· Bishop Lawrence Reddick, Texas

· Bishop James Walker, Washington, D.C.

· Rev. Amos C. Brown, California

· Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., Ohio

· Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale, Georgia

· Bishop Herbert Daughtry, New York

· Dr. Raphael Warnock, Georgia

· Rev. Cromwell Handy, Alabama

· Bishop Dr. Corletta Vaughn, Michigan

· Rev. Traci Blackmon, Missouri

· Rev. Zina Pierre, Maryland

· Bishop Tavis Grant, Texas

· Rev. Leslie Sanders, Illinois

· Rev. Dr. Ken Campbell, Texas

· Rev. Gregory Holston, Pennsylvania

· Rev. Dr. Mark Tyler, Pennsylvania

· Rev. Dr. Willie Gable, Louisiana

· Pastor Pete Palmer, Pennsylvania

· Rev. Dr. Karen Johnson, Maryland

· Rev. Dr. Kevin R. Johnson, Pennsylvania

· Rev. William Shaw, Pennsylvania


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