Blac Chyna has a warning for Rob Kardashian groupies and fans

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The notoriously reclusive Robert Kardashian Jr., better known as “Rob,” has been living like a hermit the past few years as he battles his considerable weight gain and deep depression.

But his relationship with Blac Chyna a few weeks ago has the camera shy Kardashian crawling back into the sunlight as of late — and he even started his own Snapchat page. But now that Rob Kardashian is a more visible personality than before, plus he’s been seen on the arm of Chyna, the groupies have been crawling out of the sidewalks like weeds in order to get his attention.

Black Chyna is not having any of it

During a Snapchat video, Chyna spoke about Rob’s new Snapchat page and issued a stern warning all her boyfriend’s fans to refrain from transmitting any explicit videos on the app.

“Now Im’ma tell y’all something. Don’t be snapping my boo that p—–, alright,” Chyna said while laughing.

Her face then turned stone cold when she followed that up with, saying, “I ain’t f—— playing.”


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