Funniest Stacy Dash memes, tweets for saying get rid of BET, Black History Month

Stacy Dash, ignorance personified and the quintessential embodiment of self-revulsion, tap-danced on the FOX News network to befoul the airwaves by regurgitating someone’s else hatred of blacks by stating blacks need to abolish BET, Black History Month, BET Awards and NAACP Image Awards as an answer to their anger over #OscarsSoWhite.
If you’ve missed the news, the Oscars has no black nominated in any of the acting or movie-making categories for the second year in a row. Major Hollywood players such as Jada Pinkett Smith, George Clooney, Spike Lee, Michael Moore and Don Cheadle have all proffered their thoughts and stance on the blatant omission of quality performances and films from the Academy Awards in consecutive years.
Dash, who magically appears on FOX just when blacks demand equality and justice and automatically denounces everything black, was trotted out on cue like a parrot to repeat what her Caucasian friends/advisors have drilled into her head over the years. She pockets a few pennies for her troubles, since she has not acted in anything worthy since Clueless, until they need her to appear to denounce blackness and renounce President Obama — all without being required to provide a lucid explanation nor offer any solution to anything whatsoever. She is paid to stomp on other blacks and return to her sugar daddy’s (FOX) condo.
Dash has the fortunate not to have lived in a time in segregation and slavery, where Black History and black contribution to American power and wealth were not allowed to be discussed or discouraged under the violent caste system of Jim Crow South (and figurative segregation in the North).
Social media ripped into Dash like jackals on carcass in the Serengeti, hoping to consume her soul so that she cannot further contaminate and poison the atmosphere.
By the way, Ms. Dash, BET would like their money back that you made off of it when you acted on the very station you now want obliterated into a thousand pieces.
Take a look at the carnage below:




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