Atlanta NAACP to hold annual observance of the Emancipation Proclamation

 eman proc naacp

ATLANTA — The Atlanta NAACP will hold its annual Jubilee Day in observance of the Emancipation Proclamation on Friday, January 1, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church, 524 Fairburn Road, NW; Atlanta, GA 30331 where Reverend Dr. Gregory A. Sutton is the senior pastor.

Community Activist Tyrone Brooks, a community champion for human rights, is being honored by the Atlanta Branch (NAACP), for his life of service.  Brooks is a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives and an active veteran of the SCLC. He is currently Chairman of the Moore’s Ford Bridge Movement working to solve the ongoing mystery and brutal killings of July 25, 1946 that occurred at the Moore’s Ford Bridge in Monroe, Ga.

This year’s Emancipation Proclamation /Jubilee Day Celebration chaired by, Charles Mason, a member of the Atlanta Branch NAACP.

“As our country struggles with decisions that affect the rights of others around the world, we are pleased that one of our own, Tyrone Brooks, has given so much to the rights of those among us.  Brooks continues to be on the battle field,” said Mason.

 “Jackson Memorial Baptist Church is always proud to open our doors to welcome the members and supporters of the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP for their community service events and especially for their Annual Jubilee Day as we celebrate the Emancipation Proclamation and what this means for our people,” said Pastor Sutton.

“More importantly, we want to thank the NAACP for continuing to be the ‘rock’ in this time of challenge and the organization that brings us together.   What a wonderful opportunity for all of Atlanta to meet here at Jackson Memorial for a day of celebration and a day of prayer for our nation and president,” Sutton added.

Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose stated, “The first day of another year reminds of all us where we have come from and where we have to go.  Let us come together to thank God for the NAACP and what ithas meant to the African American community throughout this country and especially in Atlanta, the seat of one of the most successful African American communities in the world.  We urge all of Atlanta to come out and bring your entire family; let us rally to the cause and use Jubilee Day to make a commitment to do a better job at serving our people. Join the NAACP in our continued fight for the right causes.”

For further information, please contact the NAACP local office at 404-525-0580.


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