Funniest Peyton Manning memes being accused of taking HGH

Denver Broncos beleaguered and oft-injured quarterback Peyton Manning vehemently and angrily denies that he has taken the banned substance HGH or any other performance enhancing drugs.
Manning, the most prolific regular season passer in NFL history, was named in a Al Jazeera report that says the legendary signal caller was listed as one of several prominent professional athletes who were supplied illegal performance-enhancing drugs from a pharmacist who once worked at an Indiana-based pharmacy.
In an Al Jazeera documentary that is scheduled to air on Sunday, it’s alleged that Manning was provided a supply of human growth hormone in 2011 while Manning was recovering from his neck surgery. Manning reportedly received HGH from a pharmacist then employed at the anti-aging Guyer Institute in Indiana.
The report cites the pharmacist, Charlie Sly, who allegedly spoke to an undercover reporter working for the network.
The report, titled “The Dark Side”, also mentions Philadelphia Phillies’ Ryan Howard,  Green Bay Packers’ Mike Neal and Julius Peppers, Pittsburgh Steelers’ James Harrison, Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman and former boxer Mike Tyson as other athletes who received HGH shipments.
The report also alleges that the clinic provided Packers’ Clay Matthews with painkillers.
Harrison, Zimmerman and Howard have all denied the allegations.
In a statement Saturday night, Manning said: “The allegation that I would do something like that is complete garbage and is totally made up. It never happened. Never.”
He added, “I really can’t believe somebody would put something like this on the air. Whoever said this is making stuff up.”
His denials nevertheless, social media was quick to mock the football icon. Take a look at the funniest Peyton Manning memes about his alleged HGH usage.

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