Safaree gets dumped on after Meek Mill puts a ring on Nicki Minaj

nicki safaree
Safaree can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to his ex-love of a decade, Nicki Minaj.
They seemed to be together for an eternity, yet there was never any talk of matrimony. Enter Meek Mill, who, even after getting his head handed to him by Drake in a mixtape massacre, was still able to get a ring on The Pink Princess’ finger after dating her for only several months.

Social media, upon learning that Minaj and Meek are at least planning to go down the isle, began tearing into Safaree for missing out on a grand opportunity. So they left the following hate on Safaree’s Instagram page:


safaree responses


nicki minaj responses

Check out more comments by flipping the e-page:

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