Funniest 'Empire' memes about who pushed Rhonda down the stairs

“Empire” writers caused about 10 million coronaries on Wednesday night. It’s hard enough for the heart to withstand one cliffhanger on a show, but “Empire” left it’s audience dangling off the edge with three jaw-droppers back-to-back-to-back.
First off all, who could have seen that Naomi Campbell’s character would return to rule over Lucious Lyons and Cookie’s Empire label? Who would have seen that Lucious’ and Cookie’s son betray the family to enable the family business to be snatched from underneath them?
Most of all, who was the criminal who pushed Rhonda down a flight of stairs, thereby terminating her pregnancy (most likely) and may be even her life?
Twitter went berzerk trying to figure out who, in the legacy of “Who Shot J.R.?” from Dallas, of who pushed Rhonda.
And finally, there are hilarious memes of fans who are trying to figure what they are going to do with their lives until “Empire” returns in March.

And, if you’re a diehard fan, you maybe faced with this dilemma:


Take a look at the rest of the responses to Rhonda’s fall and other events from the explosive events in “Empire.”

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