Ben Carson's manager Armstrong Williams a snitch who spied on Oprah Winfrey

Ben Carson, left, with Armstrong Williams.
Ben Carson, left, with Armstrong Williams.

The campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was a snitch who spied on Oprah Winfrey and sold information about her to the tabloids, the media reports.
According to the Daily Mail, was paid to snitch on Oprah Winfrey’s personal life and weight loss problems to the  National Enquirer.
Williams, a longtime arch-conservative, somehow became a business partner/friend with Orpah’s life partner Stedman Graham in the Graham-Williams Group. Since he was able to crowbar his way into the inner sanctum of Oprah’s universe, he was able to take inventory on Oprah’s schedule and eating habits and even hinted at her sexuality.
An example of Williams’ alleged treachery to the Orpah clan is when the media mogul billionaire was in the middle of her radical weight-loss/weight gain dilemma.
The Daily Mail said Williams was the reason why The National Enquirer was able to find out that that Oprah ordered two pecan pies and ate them alone in her room.
According to the former National Enquirer assignment editor:
“Our reporter helped the waiter with the delivery. Oprah answered the door. No one else was in the room with her. An hour later she called room service to pick up the empty tins outside her door, which our guy photographed. Of all the stories we did on Oprah and her weight over the years, that one stands out in my mind because of what it told me about the kind of obesity bingeing she did in secret when no one was around.”
Perhaps karma was in the works when it was eventually reported that In addition, Williams was sued by his male personal trainer for sexual harassment, Stephen Gregory, who claimed Williams fondled his reproductive parts, tried to kiss him as well as climbed into his hotel bed asking for “affection.”
The lawsuit was settled out of court, but Williams vehemently denies he paid the man off, all while claiming his heterosexuality
Williams is not exactly repentant or remorseful for his days as an “employee” of the National Enquirer. “My days of working with the National Enquirer were some of the most enjoyable days of my life. We had an honorable relationship, very professional with a lot of trust on both sides,” he says incredulously and unbelievably. “I have done a lot of things in my life, but I never sold the National Enquirer stories. Yes, I received money from them, but not for selling stories. I worked with them in the ’80s and early ’90s. I have had no relationship with them since the late 1990s.”
Do you believe Williams claims that he did not stab Orpah and Graham in the back?
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