Tamar Braxton stole 'DWTS' role from sister Towanda, creating family feud?

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According to reports, a serious family feud has been brewing among the Braxton clan because one sister secretly negotiated for the “Dancing With the Stars” slot that another sister had openly coveted for years.
Tamar Braxton, who had to abruptly resign from DWTS because of serious health issues, is embroiled in a furious fallout with her four siblings because she surreptitiously negotiated to get on the dance-themed show after sister Towanda made it known that she had lobbied for and yearned for years to get on.
So it is eerily ironic that Tamar had to pull out from the show when she was hospitalized with a medical malady.
“There has been serious family tension among the sisters for some time. While it has been chronicled on their reality show – it is even worse in real life,’ a source close to the family reveals to Daily Mail Online.
‘It is pretty much all of the sisters versus Tamar at this point and her signing up to do Dancing made their relationship worse.’
The sisters believe Tamar was being shady for snatching up opportunity she knew her sister Towanda desperately wanted. Exacerbating Tamar Braxton’s shaky position is the fact that she kept the negotiations with DTWS secret from her family.
“When they announced on Good Morning America that she was a surprise addition to the cast lineup this season, it was the first her sisters had heard of it,” the publication stated. “None of them reached out to congratulate her because they were all appalled she would betray Towanda in this way.”
When it was unveiled on “Good Morning America” Tamar Braxton acknowledged that her family was unaware of her decision to sign on for Season 21.
‘This is the reveal, I haven’t told them yet. I didn’t tell them but I guess they know now,’ she told GMA’s Lara Spencer.

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