Bernie Sanders: An advocate for taking guns off our streets

Bernie Sanders Advocates  gun control

                         Bernie Sanders Advocates gun control                                                              


Bernie Sanders:

An advocate for taking guns            off our streets

Throughout his time in public office, Sen. Sanders has consistently voted to outlaw the most dangerous weapons and keep guns out of the hands of criminals. He has consistently voted in favor of:

  1. Banning assault weapons[1] [2]
  2. Closing the gun show loophole[3] [4]
  3. Regulating high capacity magazines[5]
  4. Increasing gun safety and ownership restrictions that prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands[6] [7]
  5. Preserving Washington D.C.’s strict gun laws[8] [9]
  6. Backing the Manchin-Toomey legislation to expand background checks in the wake of the Newtown massacre[10]

As a result of this record, over the last 15 years, Sen. Sanders has been rated an F, D+, C-, and D- by the NRA. The NRA even targeted Sen. Sanders for defeat in his 1994 Congressional re-election campaign for his support of an assault weapons ban, prompting him to run the following campaign ad in the Vermont Times on 11/2/94:
As president, Bernie Sanders will continue to fight for common sense gun safety measures, and will take the following concrete steps to reduce gun violence:

Strengthen and better enforce the instant background check system.
Close the gun-show loophole, which allows unlicensed dealers to sell guns to people who otherwise would not be able to get them.
Make ‘straw man’ purchases a federal crime.
Ban semi-automatic assault weapons which are designed strictly for killing human beings.
Recognize that our mental health system is seriously broken. While there has been much talk about mental health parity in our health care system, we are not even close to achieving it. It’s past time for a serious discussion about identifying, intervening and treating mental illness and ensuring access to care.


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