Georgia Tech’s Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Launches Global Women’s Initiative for Entrepreneurs  

Atlanta has long been known as a hub for both international business and female leadership. It therefore apropos that Georgia Tech will be launching the Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Institute (GWEI) program though the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.
Taking place Nov. 1-4, 2015, this invite-only event will create a platform for collaboration and innovation by fostering and highlighting global connections and developing the entrepreneurial and leadership skills of women in Atlanta and internationally.
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and his wife, Elizabeth Reed, will join Atlanta City Council President Caesar Mitchell as part of the opening keynote ceremony. The first round of panelists for the event will include women from five different African countries as well as female entrepreneurs from the City of Atlanta Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative.
Attendees will have the opportunity to network with these panelists and speakers, who come from backgrounds of agribusiness, technology, media/entertainment and manufacturing. The training session will also help guests to develop business skills, foster international contacts, and facilitate their access to global markets through exposure, networking, and knowledge sharing.
Georgia Tech’s Ivan Allen College is a positive example of female leadership in itself. Dean Jacqueline Jones Royster is Ivan College’s first African-American Dean, and with the assistance of the college’s Managing Director DeShawn Jenkins, is helping to make the GWEI a success through partnering with local, international, and private entities to make the event a success.
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