Husband drowns entire family when wife considered divorce

baxter kids
A mentally distraught and enraged husband, spiraling into dangerous depression, killed himself, his wife and their three infant children by driving them all into a lake in suburban Phoenix because the wife refused to reconcile the tattered marriage.
Glenn Baxter, 27, and his wife, Danica, 25, were a Tempe, Ariz., were married for about three years and were the parents to son Reighn, 3, son Nazyiah, 2, and 6-month-old daughter Zariyah. According to relatives and local media, the couple were estranged because of marital upheaval punctuated by Glenn Baxter’s reportedly uncontrollable anger issues. The husband even threatened to kill the entire family if wife Danica Baxter left him.
Little could anyone have known that Glenn Baxter would follow through on his threats.
KTAR reported that the couple, who were not living together at the time, agreed to meet up that fateful night to “discuss the children.” Why the wife agreed to meet with Glenn Baxter late at night instead of during the day in he middle of town with people around is a question that may never be answered.
baxter couple
ABC15 added that Danica Baxter had a conversation with her aunt shortly before her murder where she considered dropping off the three children but then changed her mind. Authorities and the media do not know if the estranged husband was behind her decision reversal. Police did locate a handgun in the overturned and submerged vehicle, but there is no evidence of any gunshot wounds on any of the victims nor Glenn Baxter, who drove the vehicle into the lake under the Scottsdale Road Bridge
During the post-murder press conference, police stated that a surveillance shows Glenn Baxter could be seen getting out of a silver Nissan Armada, walking down to the lake, getting back into the vehicle then driving it in reverse at a “high rate of speed” toward the lake.
Authorities are 100 percent confident that this was deliberate and a case of murder-suicide perpetrated by Glenn Baxter.
“We still don’t know what happened inside that vehicle, but what we do know is Mr. Baxter took deliberate action in driving his family into that lake,” Lt. Mike Pooley said during the press conference. “This was not an accident.”

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