Clinton Campaign announces support of over 50 African American mayors from across the country

Hillary ClintonRepresenting states from California to Florida, more than 50 current and former African American mayors are announcing their support for Hillary Clinton today. These mayors are trusted validators and will be key advocates in their communities for Hillary Clinton’s agenda and will help build grassroots support that will enable her to win their state’s respective primaries and caucuses.
“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of more than 50 African-American mayors across the country,” said Hillary Clinton. “Mayors are on the front lines of many of our country’s toughest battles. They’re fighting to create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, stop gun violence, and eliminate the inequities that tear communities apart. From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, what happens at the local level often leads to national change. Mayors make that happen. As president, I’ll always be a friend to America’s mayors. I’ll solicit their ideas and expertise at every step. And I’m proud to stand with them today, because mayors are critical to growing our economy and strengthening our country, one community at a time.”
Clinton has fought to strengthen African American families and communities throughout her career and will continue to do so as president. She will get incomes rising again, defend and expand the Affordable Care Act, make college affordable, make quality, affordable childcare a reality for families, expand access to the ballot box, and reform our criminal justice system.
“Whether it’s her vision for economic fairness and shared prosperity or her steadfast commitment to comprehensive criminal justice reform – it’s clear that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to be our next president.” Steve Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, SC and President of the African American Mayors Council
“Hillary Clinton understands the importance of infrastructure in places like Kansas City, and other cities across the country,” said Mayor Sly James of Kansas City, MO. “As president, Hillary will be a champion for innovative collaboration between government and businesses that will spur job growth, criminal justice reform that will reduce our prison populations, and raising incomes so middle class Kansas City families can get ahead.”
“Hillary Clinton has a unique set of experiences and has shown tremendous talent and skill in her many years of public service,” said Mayor Mark Mallory of Cincinnati, OH. “Her positive vision for our country is exactly what we need in a leader and makes her the right person to be the next president of the United States.”
“Hillary Clinton is the most experienced and most respected presidential candidate bar none,” said Former Mayor James Perkins of Selma, AL. “In 2016, America has the chance to elect a candidate in Hillary Clinton who has been putting people over special interests throughout her entire career and I’m proud to throw my support behind her.”
“I am confident a Hillary Clinton administration will focus on improving large and small cities in America,” said Mayor Johnny L. Dupree of Hattiesburg, MS
“Hillary Clinton is clearly by far the most qualified person running to be the next president of the United States,” said Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, PA. “Her record of service in Arkansas, Washington, DC, New York and on behalf of the nation is clear and distinguished, her commitment to children and families is outstanding, her relationship with Mayors and other elected officials is one based on trust and keeping her word and her focus on leading America into a future of prosperity and helping people to change their lives is bold and strong. I support Hillary Clinton because she’s an effective leader for America.”
“As the mayor of a small, American city and after 21 years as state senator, I know firsthand how much our nation needs a leader brimming with intelligence, experience, and compassion, with a desire to boldly address long-standing issues,” said Mayor Toni Harp of New Haven, CT. “Hillary Clinton is that leader, who has honed her sense of American values in the U.S. Senate and as Secretary of State, who has polished her ideas about solving America’s challenges and who is now eager to engage those solutions.”
“Our next president must focus on all of our communities, big and small, and I know that Hillary’s plans for rural communities will help cities and towns like Manning. Her plan to create an infrastructure bank will provide much-needed investments and ensure we have water, sewer and broadband systems,” said Mayor Julia Nelson of Manning, SC.
“Hillary Clinton has a heart for service and has spent her entire career working to expand opportunities for all Americans,” said Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, GA. “As a champion for women’s rights, thoughtful diplomacy, criminal justice reform, commonsense immigration policies and a clean energy economy, she has proven that she is the most capable candidate to lead our country. The City of Atlanta needs a partner like Hillary Clinton in the White House to continue supporting investments in infrastructure, transportation solutions, and expanding economic opportunities for working families. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for President.”
Below is the list of supportive African American Mayors:
Michael Aiken, Mayor of Vance, SC
Lovith Anderson, Mayor of Lake City, SC
Bill Bell, Mayor of Durham, NC
William Bell, Mayor of Birmingham, AL
Stephen Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, SC
Alexander Boyd, Mayor of Bishopville, SC
Byron Brown, Mayor of Buffalo, NY
Aja Brown, Mayor of Compton, CA
Michael Butler, Mayor of Orangeburg, SC
William Capote, Mayor of Palm Bay, FL
Blain Crosby, Mayor of Bamberg, SC
Terrence Culbreath, Mayor of Johnston, SC
Bobby Davis, Mayor of Marion, SC
David Dinkins, Former Mayor of New York City, New York
Charles Duberry, Mayor of Lincolnville, SC
Vernon Dunbar, Mayor of New Ellenton, SC
Johnny Dupree, Mayor of Hattiesburg, MS
William Euille, Mayor of Alexandria, VA
Johnny Ford, Mayor of Tuskegee, AL
Shirley Franklin, Former Mayor of Atlanta, GA
Rodney Giles, Mayor of Andrews, SC
Gregrey Ginyard, Mayor of Jenkinsville, SC
Marion Glenn, Mayor of Bowman, SC
Jacqueline Goodall, Mayor of Forest Heights, MD
Miriam Green, Mayor of Awendaw, SC
Wayne Hall, Mayor of Hempstead, NY
Toni Harp, Mayor of New Haven, CT
Barbara Hopkins, Mayor of Sellers, SC
Sylvester “Sly” James, Mayor of Kansas City, MO
Jefferson Johnson, Mayor of Eutawville, SC
William Johnson, Mayor of Holly Hill, SC
Dwight Jones, Mayor of Richmond, VA
Mark Mallory Former Mayor of Cincinnati, OH
Adrian Mapp, Mayor of Plainfield, NJ
Malinda Miles, Mayor of Mount Rainier, MD
Glenn Miller, Mayor of Branchville, SC
Samuel Murray, Mayor of Port Royal, SC
Svante Myrick, Mayor of Ithaca, NY
Julia Nelson, Mayor of Manning, SC
Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, PA
Doug Palmer, Former Mayor of Trenton, NJ
Jesse Parker, Mayor of Greeleyville, SC
James Perkins Jr., Former Mayor of Selma, AL
Jannquell Peters, Mayor of East Point, GA
Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta, GA
Terence Roberts, Mayor of Anderson, SC
Geraldene Robinson, Mayor of Eastover, SC
Brad Sellers, Mayor of Warrensville Heights, OH
Anderson Taylor, Mayor of Estill, SC
Harold Thompson, Mayor of Union, SC
George Wallace, Mayor off Hampton, VA
Lovely Warren, Mayor of Rochester, NY
Setti Warren, Mayor of Newton, MA
Patricia Watson, Mayor of Wellford, SC
Wellington Webb, Former Mayor of Denver, CO
James Williams, Mayor of Ridgeville, SC
Dennis P. Williams, Mayor of Wilmington, DE
Lisa Yarbrough-Gauthier, Mayor of East Palo Alto, CA
Andrew Young, Former Mayor of Atlanta, GA

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