Jones expected to bring stability and safety to Fire Department

old boyCity of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s latest announcement on the appointment of interim fire commissioner Eric Jones may have come as a bit of a surprise.
Nevertheless, city and county officials stand by the mayor’s decision. The city council is expected to approve of the appointment shortly.
“I am a leader, and I’m confident that I’m going to be able to get this department to be the most professional fire department in the country,” said Jones.
The announcement came after an abrupt retirement by Edsel Jenkins. Jenkins spent nearly 30 years in the Department including accepting the role of commissioner in 2014 by Duggan.
Jones, a former police officer, was selected to help bring stability and improve safety measures for the department according to Duggan.
“I want to see a Fire Department where our men and women stay in safe and well-maintained facilities that are properly supplied, where they’re not having to ask the community for donations because we run out of supplies, where they can get into vehicles they know will be fully working with equipment that is properly supplied and maintained,” Duggan said.
Jones is expected to conduct a complete evaluation on the department and its current processes. No firings are eminent, but Jones made it clear he is expected and wiling to make any necessary changes for the betterment of the department.
“I hope folks will give him a chance and greet this with an open mind,” said Duggan.


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