Bronzelens Film Festival to feature legend Suzanne DePasse, Karyn Parsons, Roger Bobb

bronzelens film fest
ATLANTA — Even kids who were not born on the day that the television entertainment extravaganza “Motown 25” exploded into the American consciousness and set ratings records know about Michael Jackson’s legendary Moonwalk.
The woman who created the show, Suzanne DePasse, who became president of Motown Productions, is one of several entertainment icons who will appear at the 6th annual BronzeLens Film Festival [BLFF] which will kick off in Atlanta on Thursday, November 5th at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.
Also appearing will be the venerated producer and movie casting legend Reuben Cannon, “Girlfriends Getaway” director Roger Bobb, former “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star Karyn Parsons, Shelby Stone, Terri J. Vaughn, Tommy Oliver of “The Perfect Guy,” Paul Garnes of “Selma,” and many others.
The BLFF will feature screenings in multiple venues, as well as the following Master Classes led by some of the top names in film, direction and production.
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The festival, taking place from Nov. 5 -8, will feature:

  • A Producers Roundtable;
  • A Directors Roundtable;
  • A Conversation with Karyn Parsons;
  • A Conversation with critically-acclaimed A. Sissako at Woodruff Arts Center;
  • 6th Annual Bronzelenes Women Superstar Luncheon, featuring Suzanne DePasse
  • Movie screenings; and more

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