Matt Barnes spit in Gloria Govan's face after beating up Derek Fisher

We know by now that NBA baller Matt Barnes torpedoed down the California asphalt in order to beat Derek Fisher into the asphalt after learning that the New York Knicks head coach was romancing/covorting/copulating with his estranged wife Gloria Govan.
Now the media has learned that perennial NBA firecracker Barnes, whose temper often explodes out of him like a discharged bullet, also allegedly did something even more despicable than stomping Fisher.
After Barnes’ fists kissed Fisher’s mouth just before midnight this past Saturday — and Fisher fled the scene before the LAPD could arrive — Barnes spit in his wife’s face.
According to the New York Post, Barnes texted a homie following the fade and there is a very disturbing detail that we we’re privy to yesterday:

Following the dust-up, Barnes, 35, texted a pal that he had not only assaulted Fisher, 41, but also took revenge on Govan, one source said.
“I kicked his a** from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face,” the text read, according to the source.

Barnes has long since earned a reputation as a trouble-maker on the court who likes to kick up dust with little or no provocation. But if the story is true and he spit in his wife’s face, is the behavior of a miscreant and downright despicable. Fans of “Basketball Wives LA” also got a taste what NBA fans have known for years: Barnes is a jerk and really doesn’t care who knows it.
Meanwhile, Fisher has a gargantuan public relations nightmare to deal with, with the NBA 2015 season starting at the end of the month. Question arise how Fisher, the coach of New York, was in Los Angeles when he should have been with his teams.
After missing practice Monday after the fracas, to supposedly ice down his wounds as well as his ego, before being force to tuck in his tail and address his players who were undoubtedly dumbfounded by the news. The Knicks are just emerging from the rubble of the worst season in franchise history after winning just 17 games last year compared to 65 losses.
Hit the flip to see what he had to say and what Carmelo Anthony’s reaction was:

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