Grand Jury convenes in case against Nick Gordon regarding Bobbi Kristina

ATLANTA — A secret Fulton County grand jury has just been convened to determine if possible murder charges or other felonies will come against Nick Gordon in in the wake of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tragic death in suburban Atlanta.
A source close to the case told US Weekly Monday night that Brown and his criminal lawyer, Jose Baez, are following the fast-breaking developments.
“The District Attorney is convening a secret grand jury and it’s likely to result in charges against Nick Gordon,” the source told radaronline. It is unknown at this time what those charges will be.
The man who found Bobbi Kris unresponsive will be called to testify. But it doesn’t appear that Gordon will be called because the D.A. doesn’t want to give away their hand in preparation of a possible trial.
Those likely to be called in front of the grand jury are Max Lomas, a drug-dealing friend of Gordon’s and Max’s young girlfriend Danyela Bradley, the insider claimed.
Both were in Brown’s Roswell, Ga., townhouse along with Gordon on the morning of last Jan. 31 when Brown was found face down in a water-filled bathtub.
The 22-year-old was placed in a medically induced coma and never regained consciousness. She was pronounced dead six months later in an Atlanta area hospice on July 26 after all medical options had been exhausted and she was taken off life support.
Gordon is also facing a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Gordon by her estate, alleging he routinely abused her and beat her after an all-night “cocaine and drinking binge” in the days leading up to the fateful bathtub incident. There is also the accusation that, after a particularly vicious argument on Jan. 31, the estate lawyers believe Gordon concocted a “toxic cocktail” for Bobbi Kristina that rendered her helpless then placed her in the bathtub.
Stay tuned for details.

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