50 Cent blames 'Empire's' ratings dip on too much 'gay stuff'

Rapper “Power” creator 50 Cent could barely contain his glee when so-called rival show “Empire” dipped in the ratings this past week.
Curtis Jackson continued his behavior of firing shots at “Empire” when the Fox show suffered a slip in the ratings, going from 16 million viewers in episode one to 13.7 million viewers the following week.
50 Cent puts the blame on too much “gay stuff.”
In a since deleted Instagram entry, 50 shared a post by a page called @industryonblast_ that said “Empire suffered a slip in ratings because the show has become over saturated with celebrity cameos and too many “gay” scenes.
50, who has been very vocal in disdain for the show, which he feels too closely mirrors his own show, “Power,” teasingly offered his assistance in the accompanying caption writing in part “COOKIE CALL ME BABY. I’ll tell every body to watch the show for you.”
Check out the post below.
50 cent
Ironically, the friction between “Power and “Empire” has only enhanced each other’s popularity, increasing viewership from fans series began to pick up in popularity. The majority of the friction has been caused by 50 Cent, who has been very vocal in his aggravation, claiming the Fox drama has stolen everything from storylines to promotional campaigns.
The friction was ratcheted up when, in the first episode, Taraji P. Henson threw some underhanded shade at 50 through her Cookie Lyons when she quipped about 50 Cent being “thirsty.”
Of course, never shying away from any beef in his entire career, 50 quickly retorted on social media, saying with an incredulous tone: “I can’t believe Cookie would say some s— like that about me. Thirsty? Me? Thirsty? Come on.”
The entire “Power”-“Empire” feud emanated when a disgruntled and resentful 50 Cent accusing the “Empire” creators of pillaging their show’s storylines and promotional campaigns.

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