Omarion boycotts DSTRKT that said women were 'too dark, overweight'


Unlike Karrueche Tran, Omarion took a stand against the infamous London nightclub that refused to let in a quintet of black women because their pigmentation and physical proportions.

On Sept. 26, Zalika Miller and four of her friends attempted to party at DSTRKT. but the person at the door lied when he said the club was at full capacity. As this was being said, white men and women were allowed to enter afterwards. 

Feeling a bit of righteous indignation, Miller, who knew the club promoter, complained about the flagrant racist act via text messages to the promoter. The promoter actually put in writing that the women were “too dark” and “overweight” to get in.

Miller, actress, poured out her anger onto social media, prompting other people of color to share similar insulting treatment at the same club. 

Many blacks have boycotted the club and called for celebs to do the same. However, Karrucehe Tran, who dates black men and came to fame via the hip hop culture (mostly Chris Brown) ignored the black Londoners pleas to boycott the club. While Tran criticized the club’s policies, she nevertheless patronized the establishment. 

Omarion did the exact opposite of Karrueuche tran. When promoters annoucned an appearance by the R&B star, the star of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” tweeted that he would diss the club, despite the club’s claims they are not racists.  


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