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Fetty Wap reveals how he lost his eye, where he gets his hair extensions

The breakout hip hop star in 2015 is none other than New Jersey native Fetty Wap.
In addition to putting the Northeast back on the map in the rap world with four summer blockbuster hits, Wap dropped his self-titled debut album.
He had also managed to sojourn up the rap hierarchy unscathed of trouble and scandal until he had a dangerous motorcycle accident over the weekend and left him with a leg broken in multiple places.

The day before, he posted up strong at Power 105.1 in promotion of all his projects. The brother is not shy and  Fetty Wap revealed how he recieved his dread extensions, lost his eye, and much more.
How he lost his eye:
I had Glaucoma when I was six months. I was supposed to be blind in both eyes but the doctor saved both.
How old he was when he actually took his eye out:
That was recent. I was 19 and didn’t care anymore. Everyone in my city already knew. I got more comfortable.

Whether he drives or not:
Yeah I have a drivers license and a motorcycle license. I’ve been driving my whole life before I got a license.
How Kanye West’s track fell through and how Drake hopped on the track:
I don’t know I thought he was. I just been sending him mad stuff–Kanye text me and said he gave Drake my number but I don’t think he used it because he hit me on Instagram. He FaceTimed me in the club listening to “My Way,” and asked, ‘I want to know if I could jump on the song.’ I was like do what you do.
Where he got his hair from:
She was a real powerful woman to me. She was always uplifting kids in the area and bringing them school supplies. To be honest with you, every since I [got my extensions] I just been making different type of songs. I don’t know how to explain it. She just cut her hair off. After she cut it off, I told my cousin ‘I’m about to get extensions. I don’t care.’ Now my hair has grown into it.
Check out the interview in its entirety by hitting the flip:

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