Police execute black man in wheelchair

WILMINGTON, Del. — A man who was paralyzed by gunfire 10 years ago and confined to a wheelchair was shot multiple times and killed by police in a terrifying video captured by a bystander.
The man, Jeremy McDole, 28, was quietly slouched in his wheelchair in the street when police arrived. They were called to the scene after someone notified authorities that someone inflicted a gunshot wound on himself. McDole was allegedly still armed with that handgun when police arrived on the scene, the News Journal reports.
A passerby immediately began recording as the brutal and deadly scene play out on his cellphone.
In the video, officers with weapons drawn are repeatedly yelling at McDole “drop the gun” and raise his hands. However, it cannot be determined from the footage if McDole is armed and, if he was, what his intentions were.
Only one officer is seen as the video begins to roll. But it shows other officers, also weapons drawn, come into the picture as the one-sided yelling and pleas to put the gun down were issued nonstop. After continuing to yell at McDole to “show his hands,” a single gunshot is fired. It is hard to tell where McDole is injured or where the shot came from, The Guardian stated.
When other officers continue to yell for him to “show his hands,” Delaware Police Chief Bobby Cummings said, McDole allegedly reached into his pants, and that’s when about 10 shots rang out in rapid succession. The captured video is most disturbing as it show McDole sliding out of his wheelchair and onto the ground, his clothing soaked in blood and gushing from his body.
While officers’ claim that McDole was in possession of a .38 caliber handgun, which they report was found next to his body, the family vehemently refutes the reports and calls the killing “an execution.”
“He was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. There’s video showing that he didn’t pull a weapon. I need answers,” his mother, Phyllis McDole, said as she interrupted Cummings’ press conference.
McDole was released from prison in 2013 and was living in a nursing home. He had been shot in the back in 2005 by a friend as they reportedly smoked weed and walked around the neighborhod.
Below is the video of the actual events. (Warning: the footage is extremely disturbing and graphic).
Photo: @slivki YouTube screenshot


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