Momma Galore thinks Rick Ross cheating on her daughter is 'okay'?

rick ross and lira galoreA few days ago, rap star Rick Ross “popped the question” to his girlfriend Lira Galore. His new fiance didn’t waste any time announcing it to the world; however, Ross has yet to confirm or deny the news.
As can be expected, the one person who seems more excited about the engagement than Lira herself is her mother. In fact, @momma_galore recently took to Instagram to express her thrill.
One of her responses to a fan, however, left a few people with a bad taste in their mouths. In one of her latest posts, Lira’s mother essentially condoned Rick Ross cheating on her daughter.
Here’s her initial post:
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Shortly after, a follower responded to her post saying, “But he still f*ckin’ my gf from Philly smh #fact guard your heart girl.”
To no one’s surprise, Lira’s mother responded: “lmfao he a celebrity of course that’s to be expected! Tf! U think we don’t know that? As long as ya home girl getting wet a** while my baby getting diamonds, his heart &┬átreated like a queen in his palace then who winning tho boo? Where ur friends diamonds at?”
So, cheating is “okay” so long as a rich man is taking care of his woman? Many have become quite accepting of a variety of questionable behaviors all in the name of money. To make matters worse, some mothers are now endorsing and encouraging their daughters’ acceptance of just about anything in a relationship.
The bottom line: cheating is a form of disrespect, whether it is done by a man or a woman. What does it say about us that we’re willing to defend immoral behavior if it means paying the bills, or living a life of luxury?

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