Janet Jackson Gets Her Kendrick Lamar Groove On [WATCH]

janet jackson unbreakable
*Janet Jackson’s “Unbreakable” tour stopped in Grand Rapids, Michigan, last week, but according to ET, the pop icon did so against medical advice.
Janet is reportedly suffering from an ear issue that is causing her to travel by bus now rather than fly. If she was in any pain, she certainly didn’t let on during her set, and her turn up was real when she segued from her own song and into Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice,” check out the video below.
“She looked very happy and healthy and came off very sincere and sweet,” a fan told ET. “It was a nonstop dance party,” a second eyewitness added. “She is back as the Queen of Pop. She hasn’t lost a step.”
A reviewer from Michigan Live wasn’t wowed by Janet’s return to the stage, saying she performed way too many medleys, and she wasn’t engaging enough with her audience.

She opened with “Burnitup!,” a brand-new track featuring a guest spot by Missy Elliott, whose likeness appeared projected on video screens. The number then segued into “Nasty,” Janet seamlessly and confidently leaping back nearly three decades, moving with purpose and power, in tight sync with a group of nine female dancers. Now, as then, she has attitude and energy to burn.
As for Janet’s vocals, well, she appeared to lip-sync parts of the show, or sang minimally, padded by backup singers or tracks. Sometimes, her voice distinguished itself in the mix only when she yelped or shouted.
Janet rarely addressed the crowd, maintaining the persona that’s about three-quarters egotist diva and one-quarter sweetheart. The latter emerged during the final number.

Janet will release her highly anticipated new album “Unbreakable” on October 2, her first album in seven years.



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