President Obama’s visit to Macomb Community College the start of college funding reform?

ObamaPresident Barack Obama’s visit to Macomb Community College may have been the start of serious nationwide reform for funding in regards to student tuition.
“I’ve been focused on community colleges,” Obama said in his speech to thousands during his 17th visit to Michigan since the start of his presidency. “They are at the heart of the American dream.”
Obama announced his desire for nation-wide funding for students’ first two years of community college tuition. His plan was first announced in the State of Union address, but has been stalled in Congress and at times has even looked bleak.
“For every young person willing to work hard, I want community college to be as free and universal as high school. It’s easy for politicians to say young people are the future. But you’ve got to walk the walk,” he said. “No kid should be priced out of a college education. No hardworking young person should be denied just because of where they started.”
Obama’s latest plan would require recipients to maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher to remain eligible. According to the most recent numbers on grade point averages in local community colleges, many students in Michigan would not be eligible due to this requirement.
“You don’t have to necessarily go to a four-year degree to get a good job, but you need to have some specialized skills.”
The President was joined by Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, a community college professor, for his visit.

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