Waist Trainers: what do they 'really' do inside your body?

1201-fish-amber-kim-2If you scroll through Instagram, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the countless ads promoting waist trainers. While nothing more than an updated corset, these items have gained new steam in the underwear industry. More and more celebrities are showcasing the so-called affects of wearing waist trainers, claiming they can instantly give one the tummy they desire.
The many forms of shapewear, and not just waist trainers, give that sexy form fitting attire a more sleek and smooth look. However, many have complained about the pain and faint feelings associated with wearing these garments. While the cost of ‘beauty’ can be painful, it’s important to keep in mind that certain practices might end up doing more harm than good.
Here are a few ways your favorite shapewear (waist trainers included) can poorly affect the way your health and well being in the long run:


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