Ne-Yo getting SLAMMED for having new baby with wife, after convincing ex Monyetta Shaw to burn her tubes

R&B crooner and producer Ne-Yo was getting buried under an avalanche of harsh criticism and hate after he made the announcement that he and his new woman, Crystal Monay, whom he married secretly, are now expecting a new baby.
That announcement set off an inferno online that raged across cyberspace and burned Ne-Yo’s backside.
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Many Monyetta Shaw sympathizers were enraged that Ne-Yo would claim that he wanted no more children and have her burn her tubes, then dump her and get married and have another child. And Shaw’s supporters ripped into Ne-Yo like a vultures on a carcass.
The expecting wife, on the other hand, could not care less about all the chatter and criticism and clapped back at the haters of her marriage and pregnancy with Ne-Yo. Check out what she has to say:

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