How much was Nick Gordon paid for graveside photos of Bobbi Kristina?

Nick Gordon is already the scourge of the earth in the eyes of the Houstons and the Browns. And he is living the life of a hermit because he’s been ostracized coast to coast as a possible contributor to the eventual death of former girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown.
Now, this latest alleged stunt will take him to new lows in the eyes of the family and public.
According to reports, Gordon was paid a very handsome fee to make a “secret pilgrimage” to Bobbi Kristina’s gravesite.
How much did he get paid for the clandestine excursion? He was compensated $40,000 for the video, sources exclusively tell Page Six.
It is not like Gordon is going to use it to turn up and live the high life. He is currently the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit by Bobbi Kristina’s estate conservators. So the money goes towards paying his “legal defense fund” because Nick is “broke” and needs the funds to pay his top legal team headed by famous Jose Baez, the defense attorney who miraculously got Casey Anthony exonerated of murdering her infant daughter.
The Houstons and Browns have to be seeing red, however, because photos of him at “Krissy’s” gravesite were splashed across a National Enquirer front page on Wednesday, “including pics of Gordon at New Jersey’s Fairview Cemetery clutching two bouquets of roses, kissing Bobbi Kristina’s tombstone, taking cellphone photos of it and having a tearful breakdown,” the newspaper reported.
But “it was not by accident that Nick was photographed at the site,” scoffed an insider. Another source said the Enquirer paid Gordon a cool $40,000 for the shots.
“Nick is broke,” our source said. “He can’t afford to defend himself. There was a deal for that money to go to his defense fund.” The video aired on “Entertainment Tonight” on Wednesday.
Sources said Gordon, 25, visited the grave on Aug. 17 with members of his team, but tipped photographers had staked out the cemetery for two days to capture the dramatic scene.
Gordon, as you recall is is being sued for $10 million, claiming that Gordon beat Bobbi Kristina mercilessly in the days leading up to her near-death drowning, then fed her  a “toxic cocktail” and “put her face down in a tub of cold water, causing her to suffer brain damage.”
Gordon’s lawyers have characterized the suit as “slanderous,” saying: “This is completely fabricated. I would also like to add, Page 6 [sic] isn’t a trusted source in news.” An Enquirer rep said, “The National Enquirer, more than any other publication, has been unflinching in our reporting of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown.”

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