Abandoned With Life art exhibit at Detroit Clothing Circle coming soon

Daniel-A.-Washington-smilingRecent Wayne State University graduate, Daniel A. Washington, has created a solution to help revitalize art in schools across the state.
Not classroom traditional art, but instead art expressed through unconventional methods: through the Internet, written text and black and white photography.
“Why is it that art curricula has been considered to be disposable across various school districts?” said Washington. “We must do better, the world is a blank canvas and a place where students can explore with art. The accessibility of art is simply invaluable and must be restored.”
The journalist’s company, art.is original creativity, is geared towards inner city youth in Detroit and its surrounding suburbs. He is currently in talks with four schools in the area to bring the program, Original Creativity Experience, to students in various grades from K-12.
“We are hoping to bring some much needed and unique programming to students across the region. Imagine a child in the second or third grade being able to speak about their interpretation of art,” he said. “Then fast forward and get the same child years later to speak to what art means to them then.”
The purpose of the company’s school programming is to engage students in three ways: safe and monitored online participation, written or drawn expression and partaking in a memorable photographic moment with their peers. Students who partake in the Original Creativity Experience receive a gift and an opportunity to be a part of an art.is original creativity sponsored field trip, which includes visits to various local businesses in Detroit.
“We are most excited about the opportunity to partner with businesses in Detroit that are making a difference. Art is all around us and can be executed through traditional and non traditional forms,” said Washington. “The hope is that students can take away the various possibilities there are with creating art.
The company was founded in July of this year. The website features anonymous blogs, and a growing number of definitions that can be submitted by anyone visiting the site and unique photography that anyone can view and engage with at their leisure.
“I know that the program that art.is original creativity is looking to provide can impact the lives of thousands of students in DPS and other school districts in the state,” said Washington. “I hope that the work done in the first couple of schools will open the door for so many others to partner with us to provide art exploration and appreciation curriculum for their students.”
art.is original creativity in collaboration with Mitten Studios has an  upcoming event titled “Abandoned with Life” Art Exhibit on Wednesday, Sept. 2 from 6 p.m – 8 p.m. at Detroit Clothing Circle located in Midtown.
“A part of the revitalization of Detroit is understanding what it is that we can do to help restore the foundation and structure that has endured years of neglect and abandonment,” said Washington about the upcoming event.” The act of repurposing and reviving the children and the communities of this great city comes with much responsibility. The fulfillment gained from such a kind act to humanity is rewarding being belief.”

For more information and to support the effort to bring art back to a local school, visit the company’s website here.

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