Federal investigators bust tax fraud scheme spread over Wells Fargo, PNC and SunTrust banks

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ATLANTA — The Department of Justice has indicted four major Atlanta bank employees in a tax refund fraud scheme in which they filed more than 2,000 fraudulent tax returns in an effort to make away with more than $2 million in easy money, federal investigators report.

According to the feds, the fraudulent tax returns were filed using information belonging primarily to elderly retirees and children younger than 10 years old.

According to the Biz Journals:

According to an Aug. 19 criminal indictment filed in federal court in Atlanta, Guy Vincent Taylor opened and caused to be opened bank accounts at Wells Fargo Bank, SunTrust Bank and PNC Bank. He also allegedly recruited employees at the three banks — including Jeoffrey Jenkins, an employee of Wells Fargo Bank; Vaughn Chambers, an employee of SunTrust Bank; and Gary Sullivan, an employee of PNC Bank — to open bank accounts in the names of other individuals.


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