Dr. Creflo Dollar says those who hate his $65 million jet don't understand the Bible

dr. creflo dollar
COLLEGE PARK, Ga. — Dr. Creflo Dollar went on the offensive in a recent sermon, taking on the haters with the book of Corinthians, who sharply criticize his aspirations of procuring a $65 million jet.
Dollar said those have come out against his campaign to have his members help him purchase a replacement jet, for the one that has gotten old, don’t understand God or the Bible
If you recall, Dollar, the pastor of World Changers Church in suburban Atlanta, had originally put out a call on his website for his church members to pony up several hundred dollars apiece to get this private commercial jet.
Once the media got wind of his plans, however, Dollar immediately took the request for money for a private jet down off the website, and his church officials claimed ignorance of aspects of the request.
Dollar has returned to the topice recently and his congregation scoffs at anyone who disagrees with him, and questions why they ever disagreed in the first place.
“See, don’t get upset when the world says stuff and talks about stuff, and all that. They’re just looking through the wrong lens; they don’t understand,” Dollar said in a recent sermon.
“‘What does a preacher need with an airplane?’ They don’t know,” the preacher added. “They’ll never know because they’re not looking through the Word. They will never know, never never know.”
Take a look at a video of Dr. Dollar discussing the matter in church recently.
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Photo: YouTube screenshot

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