Presidential candidates speak at National Urban League Convention

CARSON SPEAKS TO THE CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL ACTION CONFERENCE (CPAC) IN NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLANDThe National Urban League recently held its 2015 National Convention at the at the Fort Lauderdale  Florida Convention Center. According to Marc Morial, national president, approximately 4000 people registered and over 200 people representing the media were in attendance. This year’s theme was “Save Our Cities.”
One day was dedicated to the importance of developing minority business.  Al Sharpton’s keynote address was on “Black Lives Matter” and the need for improved police training, better screening, the use of cameras, education, jobs and justice.
Former Detroiter Robin Barclay, now an executive with Trusted Health Care in Washington, DC, spoke on women’s health care including prevention, alternative medical techniques, ObamaCare and community health programs.
There was much youth and young adult participation.
The highlight of the convention was the US Presidential Candidates forum. Five of the frontrunners accepted the invitation to participate: Dr. Ben Carson, Republican, wants to create jobs using import and export tax money and is not opposed to safety nets such as welfare for people who really need them.
Hillary Clinton, Democrat, spoke on the eroding of voting rights, unequal  educational  opportunities, the need to increase minority businesses  and the lack of justice with regard to the police. She also addressed the gaps between blacks and whites.
Martin O’Malley, Democrat, discussed the need for prison reform and alternative to jail for small drug offenders. He also focused on the need for more minority businesses.
Bernie Sanders, Democrat, talked about the wealthy and how they influence most political decisions. He also addressed police injustice and the need for prison reform. He feels higher salaries would attract better people to the education field.
Jeb Bush, Republican, supports charter schools and schools of choice. He wants to increase the number of community colleges as well as programs that focus on early childhood education. He, too, addressed the importance of there being more minority-owned businesses.
The National Urban League will send out a questionnaire on urban issues to all of the candidates. The results will be published.
Most of the foreign auto manufactures were in attendance, but Ford was the only US auto manufacturer present.
Paul L. Hubbard is a former member of the National Urban League Board.

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