Sarah Palin says Planned Parenthood killed more black babies than Confederate Flag

sarah palin
The former vice presidential candidate for the Republican Party, the bumbling and bombastic brunette who claimed she could see Russia from her backyard in Alaska, is now trying to return to any semblance of political relevance by making outlandish claims.
Sarah Palin, who ran under Sen. John McCain (D-Ariz.) in 2008, posted the above symbol in telling millions of her Facebook followers that Planned Parenthood killed more black babies than the Confederate Flag.
It was an incredibly simplistic and ludicrous juxtaposition of symbols to insinuate that the damage and historical oppression imposed upon entire race of people by those who upheld the Confederacy is not nearly as destructive as Planned Parenthood which gives women women (particularly black women) the right to chose.
What do you think of her posting.


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