Bobbi Kristina's and Nick Gordon's home was filthy and disgusting

The suburban Atlanta townhouse where the deceased Bobbi Kristina Brown and boyfriend Nick Gordon lived in was “such a pigsty that it will need extensive work just to get it into good enough condition to sell,” the media has reported.
“It was pretty bad in there,” a source who was in their Roswell, Ga. home just before Bobbi Kristina was found face down in the bathtub on Jan. 31. “It’s destroyed — no one gave it love.”
According to, the condo should practically be condemned was not fit for human habitation.
As examples of the atrocious condition of the home:

  • “Dog feces and stains were everywhere and the hardwood was sticky and icky.”
  • The destruction was so severe, the source said, all the flooring will have to be deep cleaned or replaced.
  • “The walls were filthy so those will need new paint, too…It was awful,” the source revealed.
  • The condo was also overflowing with the couple’s belongings.

“Nick and Krissi would go on trips and fill suitcases with brand new clothes, then go on another trip and fill it with new clothes,” reveals the source. “So there were 15 to 20 luggage cases all over their floor.”
Furthermore, Gordon “had 200 boxes of shoes in the dining room alone,” the source revealed.
The situation grew so dire that the source “forced” Brown and Gordon to scrub the home “from 7 in the morning until 7 at night.”
“We cleaned it up and fixed up the room and they were thrilled. They were actually excited they could find their couch. It was covered!”

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