Altlanta-area Confederate flag wavers threaten children at birthday party [video]

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DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. – During a black family’s celebration of a child’s birthday in suburban Atlanta, they had their party rudely interrupted by a caravan of racist white men in pickup trucks and Confederate flags, issuing threats to shoot the black people.
The verbally violent altercation popped off in the bedroom community about 15 miles west of Atlanta’s corporate limit as the African American family was enjoying child’s birthday party, the Atlanta’s Fox 5 reported. Suddenly a caravan of white men in trucks waving Confederate flags parked across the street from the family’s home.
The station said homeowner Melissa Alford, said the men began threatening them as one man with a gun said he would “kill the n—–s.”  Alford said another man said, “give me the gun, I’ll shoot the n——s.”
Sensibly, the partiers, in fear that violence was imminent, called the local police, but according to the homeowner and fellow black partiers, the police did nothing despite the fact the trucks’ inhabitants were spewing terroristic threats to the blacks.
Instead, the caravan of trucks with Confederate flags were allowed to just leave without being questioned nor accosted. The police mysteriously did not ask the racist white men why they decided to stop in front of this home and wave their flags.
Fortunately, someone with a cellphone recorded part of the melee.
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