D.L. Hughley's really raw thoughts on Bill Cosby: 'He's a rapist and humanitarian [video]

d.l. hughley on sway
Comedian D.L. Hughey gave a raw and uncut encounter with disgraced legend Bill Cosby where he pretty much called him a rapist way back in 2009.
Looks like the the issue of Cosby and women was something that was well circulated throughout the entertainment industry, but only spoken in whispers because of Cosby’s vast power within Hollywood at the time.
But, during an appearance on Sway in the Morning, the Kings of Comedy alum barked out his dislike for Cosby back in 2009 and he labeled the embattled funnyman “a humanitarian, humanist, and a rapist.”
Hughley shared a story of an encounter he had with Cosby on the radio that went south and never aired.
“In 2009, I was working for Kiss FM and he called in for an interview … He actively tried to get the show canceled; he hated the Def Jam stand up comedy,” Hughley shared. “He called in and about 10 minutes in was being a complete d*ck, so I said ‘Mr. Cosby what is it you want us to know?’ He said, ‘Who is this?’ I said, ‘DL Hugely’. He said, ‘You say the (N word) blah blah’. And I said, With all due respect Mr. Cosby when I say the N word no girl ends up with her underwear on backwards and drugged.’ Ten minutes later, the people from Kiss FM came down and took the tape and said ‘This will not air and if it does none of you will ever work in radio again.’ It didn’t air. So I know he has that power.”
Speaking of sexual abuse, Hughley touched on the time his own daughter was sexually violated. Despite knowing what happened and who committed the act, Hughley admits he didn’t do anything about what happened.
Check out the video interview in its entirety:
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