Stephen A. Smith roasted on social media for saying all blacks need to vote Republican

The shamelessly bombastic and polysyllabic Stephen A. Smith, who specializes in shooting out five-dollar words with machine-gun rapidity and engages in occasionally irritating melodramatics and histrionics on ESPN’s “First Take,” is being relentlessly roasted on social media for saying all blacks should vote Republican and got stampeded by a herd of angry users for this tweet:
However, Smith was right on point with this remark, and is something I’ve articulated for the past year or so. There was very little outrage — and barely any vestige of concern from the mainstream — exhibited as Chicago continues to resemble a war-torn, third-world country as toddlers and grandmothers get mowed down on indiscriminate rampages every weekend.
There was even less noise made when Baltimore’s black-on-black homicide rate rose at historic rates in the months just after the tragic death of Freddie Gray, the young man who died in police custody that ignited contentious protests and inner-city riots and made national celebrities out of state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby and others.
Smith has become very intimate with controversy in the last few years. He was slammed for suggesting former Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry should not have beeen fired after making racist statements about free-agent Louo Deng. And in April, he lambasted the Baltimore rioters, which angered people even more.
So when he has the aforementioned to say about #BlackLivesMatter, folks opened up on Smith like he was a firing range target.

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