Geraldo Rivera says Kendrick Lamar is far worse for blacks than racism

Geraldo Rivera, who skyrocketed to television talk show fame in the 1980s by parading himself as a sympathizer to black and minority causes – since he is also a minority – has resuscitated his moribund career in the new millennium by repackaging and rebranding himself as a virulent anti-black mouthpiece for Fox News.
Rivera made the outlandish and preposterous claim that multiplatinum artist Kendrick Lamar is a bigger threat to the black community than white racism ever could be.
As you recall, Lamar opened up the 2015 BET Awards with a provocative performance, replete with him standing atop a damaged police car and rapping about the perils of police brutality and racism in his hit single “Alright.”
“This is why I say that hip-hop has done more damage to young African-Americans than racism in recent years,” Rivera said. “This is exactly the wrong message.”
Rivera was referencing Lamar’s line that “We hate the po-po/Wanna kill us dead in the street fo sho.” Of course, it was Rivera who also made the nonsensical observation Trayvon Martin’s hoodie was as responsible for his death as George Zimmerman.
“Conflate what happened in this church in South Carolina with these tragic incidents involving excessive use of force by cops is to equate this racist killer with these cops,” Rivera said.
“It is so wrong,” he said, “so counterproductive — it gives exactly the wrong message. It doesn’t recognize that a city like Baltimore, which is just 7 percent the size of New York, has just as many murders as New York,” he added.
Another mindless media minion offered this about Lamar’s performance: “It incites violence!” Kimberly Guilfoyle said.

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