‘RHOA’s’ Peter Thomas ripped apart for criticizing Caitlyn Jenner


Peter Thomas of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has no chill about him. There is, and has rarely ever been, a filter in his brain that helps him ration his words more carefully before they come gushing out of his mouth. He often puffs out his chest with pride about his Jamaican upbringing that molded him into the “speak-first, think-later” person he is today.

Well, today he is paying a steep price for letting his unedited thoughts stream out about Caitlyn Jenner as an avalanche of public anger crashed down on his shiny dome.

Social media users had molten lava hot retorts to Thomas’ posting of this thoughts that accompanied this photo of the former Bruce Jenner, who famously came out on Monday, June 1 as a woman in a cover spread for Vanity Fair:


Thomas may have thought his sentiments were benign and not worthy of controversy, but that’s not how Caitlyn Jenner supporters felt, and they ripped into Thomas like a pride of lions on a bleeding zebra. Mostly they hammered him over the head for his failed businesses and for acting like, well, a female dog. And they referred to Peter as “Patricia.”


Take a look at what they had to say to Thomas:


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